Take Part in National Youth Violence Prevention Week

Students gathered in a school assembly.

It’s National Youth Violence Prevention Week! Join the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) to encourage young people to make their schools and communities safer for themselves and others. The SAVE action kit can help you get started.

Here are some ideas for getting involved:

  • Plan creative ways to represent violence statistics. Did you know that 60% of children and youth experience some form of violence? Drive the point home by decorating six out of every 10 student lockers with yellow ribbons to show how just how many classmates may be impacted.
  • Reward students for “fight-free” days. Use an incentive like a dessert or early school dismissal to acknowledge youth who have avoided engaging in fights or bullying on a given school day. You can also encourage students to create and sign pledges vowing to stay “fight-free.”
  • Help youth find common ground. School-based violence like bullying can stem from a lack of connection among students who don’t know each other well. Build a sense of camaraderie through a simple icebreaker that pairs young people in groups of two, then four to see what they have in common. Have each group report their findings to the entire class to make the connections even stronger.

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