Help Youth Prepare for Their Financial Futures

A young woman holding a piggy bank.

Financial Literacy Month may be over, but there are plenty of year-round resources to help young people learn the basics of money management and investment. Here are two sites we think are especially useful for family- and youth-serving programs.

  • Youth Success NYC. While the site pays particular attention to the needs of youth in or transitioning from foster care, the “Money” section includes financial information appropriate for all young people. Visitors can read teens’ personal stories about managing their money or take one of 9 mini-lessons on topics like opening a bank account or learning about credit reports.
  • Money Talks for Teens. This youth-friendly site helps teens assess and build on their financial know-how across four main areas: banking, credit, working, and listening to advice from others. The site, which includes information in Spanish, also features a list of frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics like budgeting and investing.

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