New Online Training: "Trauma-Informed Care"

A youth and family services professional comforts a young woman.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new online course that highlights the symptoms and impact of traumatic experiences on children and youth. “Trauma-Informed Care” (free registration required) introduces users to the realities of traumatic stress, factors that make young people more or less resilient to traumatic experiences, and steps for providing care tailored to individual needs. The course also shows family- and youth-serving professionals how to recognize and minimize the signs of secondary trauma that can occur when hearing about the traumatic experiences of others.

The interactive course includes four modules, which may be taken individually or together:

  • Module 1: “What is Trauma-Informed Care? Why Do It?”
  • Module 2: “What is Traumatic Stress? How Does it Affect Children’s Brains and Development?”
  • Module 3: “How Does Trauma Impact Young People? What Factors Can Help?”
  • Module 4: “How Can You Provide Trauma-Informed Care?”

The course is free, and participants will receive a certificate after completing each module.

"Trauma-Informed Care" is the latest in a series of courses offered on NCFY's online training website. Other popular courses include "Introduction to Positive Youth Development" and "Logic Models and Theory of Change."

Go to "Trauma-Informed Care."

9-5 pm Eastern