Online Training

Online Training

Working with Subgrantees to Monitor Fidelity

Working with Subgrantees to Monitor Fidelity

This course is for program managers and staff who are overseeing attempts to implement evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention programs. Participants will learn what fidelity means and how to promote the successful implementation of evidence-based programs—in the real world.

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Logic Models and Theory of Change

This course introduces program managers, youth workers and grant writers to two frameworks connecting the dots between what programs set out to do and how they can achieve their desired outcomes. Participants will learn the key elements of a logic model and theory of change and how they can decide which model makes sense for their program.

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Adolescent Development

This course enables program managers and youth workers to integrate concepts of healthy adolescent development into their teen pregnancy prevention and sexuality education programs. Participants will learn about adolescent brain development and how to use that knowledge when planning programs for teens.

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Trauma-Informed Care

This online training introduces users to the realities of traumatic stress, factors that make young people more or less resilient to traumatic experiences, and steps for providing care tailored to individual needs. The course also shows family- and youth-serving professionals how to recognize and minimize the signs of secondary trauma that can occur when hearing about the traumatic experiences of others.

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Creating a Safe Space for LGBTQ Teens

This new online course was designed to help those who deliver teen pregnancy prevention programming to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning, or LGBTQ, youth.

Introduction to Positive Youth Development

Introduction to Positive Youth Development

This recently revised and updated course introduces youth service professionals to concepts and theories of Positive Youth Development and helps them put Positive Youth Development into practice in their day-to-day work.

9-5 pm Eastern