Checklist for Youth Transitioning to Independence

  • Photograph of a young man smiling.Before you leave to live on your own, have you talked to a staff member?
  • Do you have a trusted life coach or mentor to talk to?
  • Have you given staff a way to keep in touch with you?
  • Have you received referrals for medical care, dental care, housing, jobs, school, GED programs, counseling, military service programs, and/or other programs?
  • Have you found a peer support group that you would feel comfortable joining?
  • Do you have the program’s phone number and hotline numbers?
  • Do you know where to find post offices, libraries, employment and education services, public transportation, supermarkets, and recreation centers?
  • Do you know when your agency will be having their next social activity, like a holiday event or dinner?
  • Stay in touch! If you need help or someone to talk to and you can’t reach your agency, call 1-800-RUNAWAY, a hotline for youth.
9-5 pm Eastern