Second Chances

Photograph of a young woman looking down."My son’s father was very abusive. I had gone to the Battered Women’s Project and they referred me to a transitional living program for pregnant and parenting teens. I was there for 8 months and went to school and parenting groups. I graduated and I moved out."

Megan moved back to her old neighborhood where her son’s father and family still lived. She thought that she would be safe because her son’s father was in prison.

"One day me and my son’s grandmother got into a really big fight, and my son’s father was getting out of prison. I called my agency and told them I needed to come back."

This time, Megan stayed in the agency’s basic center program for two weeks. From there, she was referred back to the transitional living program for pregnant and parenting teens.

"I felt very safe there. They helped me with parenting my son and getting him on a schedule. They helped me get a car through Goodwill, and the agency helped me as far as life skills."

Staff members helped her to find an apartment that was far away from her ex-boyfriend. Megan recently took a certified nursing assistant course and got a job.

"I feel like I owe my agency everything. They took a big chance on me coming back. Now I feel like all they really wanted to do was see me succeed. In the end it is so worth it. I never thought I would be where I am today. I never thought I would have a nice apartment, a car, and be able to make choices on my own."

Megan keeps in touch with her agency and returns often when she needs extra support or wants to visit staff members and let them know how well she’s doing.

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