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Comprados y Vendidos: Cómo Reconocer y Asistir a Jóvenes Víctimas de Tráfico Sexual Doméstico

El tráfico sexual doméstico de menores de edad se refiere a la explotación sexual comercial de cualquier ciudadano o residente legal estadounidense menor de 18 años. Algunas  víctimas incluyen niños, niñas y jóvenes transgéneros que pueden tener o ser menores  de 12 años.

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Bought and Sold: Recognizing and Assisting Youth Victims of Domestic Sex Trafficking

Learn how young people are exploited and trafficked, and how youth and family services providers can help them.

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Right on the Money: How to Keep the Doors of Your Nonprofit Organization Open in Good Times and Bad

In this collection of articles on fundraising and financial management, learn how to keep the doors of your youth- and family-serving nonprofit open in good times and bad.

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Find funding opportunities.

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Focusing on Outcomes for Youth

Whether you work with youth on the street, in an emergency shelter or in a transitional living program, you know from experience that young people need a lot of support and guidance to reach their goals. “Focusing on Outcomes for Youth” aims to help you get provide that support.

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