African American families and youth

An African American family

Help Youth Connect to Their Heritage During African American History Month
Discover four websites that provide free resources for educating youth about African American historical figures and events.

Young parents with their baby.

Investigating How to Help Urban Minority Teens 'Co-Parent'
Through pilot tests, researchers developed an intervention to teach teen parents how to work together to care for their children.

Three young women smiling.

Why Do Young Women Abstain From Having Sex?
Researchers found five broad reasons young women of various racial and ethnic backgrounds were sexually abstinent.

Photograph of a smiling family.

Annual Disparities Report Says Access to Health Care Improving
A new federal report shows that the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplaces are helping more Americans of all racial and ethnic groups get insurance.

A young African American couple.

What African American Teen Girls Say About Healthy Romantic Relationships
How do their descriptions compare to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 12 characteristics of a healthy dating relationship?

African-American teacher and student smiling.

Primary Sources: Does Having Teachers of Their Own Race Help Students Avoid Pregnancy?
Researchers investigated by interviewing Georgia educators and analyzing teen pregnancy rates in the state.

A smiling young Latina mother and her child.

Primary Sources: Social Support Makes African American and Hispanic Teen Moms Less Depressed and Better Able to Cope with Stress
Researchers Cindy Y. Huang, Jessica Costeines, Joy S. Kaufman, and Carmen Ayala from Yale School of Medicine and Bridgeport Public Schools investigate the influence of parental stress and levels of social support on young mothers’ depression and their infants’ development.

A mother embracing her teen daughter.

Use Video Scenarios to Open the Lines of Communication Between Girls and Their Families
A skills-building program from the Office on Women's Health helps parents and caregivers communicate with preteen and teen girls.

Cover of report, showing the face of a young African American child.

Q&A: Overcoming the Inequalities Faced by African American Youth
More African American children than white children are born into poverty in the United States. That difference at birth leads to inequalities throughout a child’s life, according to a new report from the Children’s Defense Fund. We spoke to the fund's MaryLee Allen about the report.

Photograph of an African-American teen couple.

Q&A: When It Comes to Sex, African American Teens Feel 'Under Pressure'
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy recently teamed up with ESSENCE magazine on a survey of 1,500 black youth to better understand their attitudes on sex, dating and the media. NCFY spoke with Paula Parker-Sawyers, who directs outreach and partnerships at the National Campaign, about the survey and how youth workers can best help all young people avoid unintended pregnancy.

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