art therapy

A young person painting at an easel.

Youth Art Month: Using Art to Help Heal Trauma
Learn about Youth Art Month, and how art can help young people recover from trauma.

A handshake showing a hand with the word hope on it, and arm with a poem written on it.

Q&A: A Sex Trafficking Intervention Uses Expressive Arts
Laura McLean, from San Diego Youth Services, explains how staff incorporate expressive arts into a trauma-informed sex-trafficking prevention and treatment program.

A young person stands in front of an art easel.

Creating Opportunities for Youth in Crisis Through Art Studio Programs
Learn how arts exploration benefits young people in a runaway and homeless youth program, and functions as an art studio for the community.

A young person taking photographs.

Youth Creativity Raises Funds and Spreads Message
Learn how a Runaway and Homeless Youth Program grantee combined youth engagement and fundraising efforts.

A young person spray paints a mural.

Applications Now Available for the 2016 FYSB Mural Contest
Grantees of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program can receive a gift card to bring their murals to life.

Jessica Petrikowksi

'I'm an Artist': How Creativity Heals Trauma
At A Reason To Survive in San Diego, young people find their voice and their strength through painting, music, and other creative pursuits.

Photograph of a teen girl painting a picture.

Thinking Creatively in Family and Youth Work
From arts therapy to innovative staff practices, there’s plenty of room for imaginative, self-expressive activities in the family and youth work field.

image of a sign that reads Music Is My Life

An Art Exhibit by Homeless Youth Displays Their Love of Music, Their Creativity and Their Humanity
One hundred twenty-nine formerly homeless young people designed fictional instruments, and an exhibition of their sketches is starting conversations all over Washington state.

9-5 pm Eastern