A young woman looking off to the side.

Ask the Clearinghouse: Trauma-Informed Early Engagement
Learn how to ensure that your organization's every interaction with young people is trauma-informed, right from the start.

Photograph of a young man carrying a moving box.

Ask NCFY: What Is Rapid Re-Housing and How Can it Help Runaway and Homeless Youth?
With the help of an Ohio youth worker, we explain an evidence-based approach that gets homeless youth and families quickly into their own homes.

Photograph of a teen boy carrying a backpack.

Ask NCFY: Can I Finish High School if I’m Homeless?
NCFY answers a question received through our Live Chat about homeless students' options for staying in school.

Young Hispanic patient getting blood pressure checked by nurse

Ask NCFY: What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Runaway and Homeless Youth?
We talked to an expert in adolescent health law, who helps us explain how the new health care law will affect homeless young people who are on their own and unsupported by their families.

Photograph of a diverse group of people.

Ask NCFY: How Do You Bring Staff Along When Putting an Evidence-Based Practice in Place?
Introducing an evidence-based practice into your program can be tricky. There are a number of things you can do to bring staff along for the ride, rather than imposing the new system on them.

Photograph of a teen girl with her hands in her hair.

Ask NCFY: How Can Youth Workers Recognize Teen Dating Abuse?
We talked to two experts to get advice on how youth workers can spot unhealthy or abusive teen relationships, and what they can do to help victims.

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Ask NCFY: How Can Youth Workers Address Suicidal Posts Online?
NCFY answers a question about responding to youth who post suicidal comments online.

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Ask NCFY: Getting Staff Used to the ‘Low-Barrier’ Approach at a Youth Shelter
Many runaway and homeless youth are introduced to services while experiencing not only previous trauma but substance abuse issues. Learn how the low-barrier approach to working with youth can be a resource for your program.

Image of a street sign indicating different directions.

Ask NCFY: 'What Is Coordinated Assessment?'
NCFY explains a community-wide approach to working with the homeless that is gaining popularity and being promoted by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Photograph of a young woman consoling another sad young woman.

Ask NCFY: Helping Youth Workers Deal With a Young Person's Death
Youth workers often help youth clients cope with the death of a loved one. What happens when the youth worker experiences a similar loss?


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