children exposed to violence

Native American mother with baby

Launching the First National Helpline for Native Survivors of Partner Violence
Explore the launch of the first national helpline for Native survivors of domestic and dating violence.

A serious young man.

From the National Runaway Safeline: Marco’s Story of Child Abuse
A young man facing troubles at home reaches out to the Family and Youth Services Bureau's national communication system for runaway and homeless youth.

Students gathered in a school assembly.

Take Part in National Youth Violence Prevention Week
There are dozens of ways for youth and adults to promote violence-free schools and communities.

kids posing near a tree in the park

4 Ways to Prevent Violence By Promoting Healthy Relationships During Childhood
See how two organizations in Colorado and Michigan are teaching children about safe, respectful boundaries.

Mardi Gras beads and mask.

In New Orleans, An Anti-Trafficking Task Force Introduces Best Practices and Partnerships
From engaging community members to creating a streamlined referral process for services, the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force is taking action.

A new mom cuddling with her child.

When Mothers Experience Abuse, Addressing Their Mental Health Is Critical for Children's Well-Being
Read about how mothers' lifetime experiences of abuse and violence can have intergenerational effects.

A woman holding a dog.

#NCFYtalk: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Pets
Join us for an August 27 Twitter talk with the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

A sad young woman.

Q&A: How Trauma Affects Physical Health
A New Orleans researcher finds that the cells of traumatized youth are older than their years.

A young couple holding hands.

Research Roundup: Delving Into Tough Questions About Teen Pregnancy
Recent studies investigate the links between teen pregnancy and abuse and hopelessness, and why some boys choose abstinence.


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