A young person filling out a financial aid form with assistance from a counselor.

Minipodcasts Give Homeless Youth Tips on Applying to and Succeeding in College
Learn how you can advise young people completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

An African American family

Help Youth Connect to Their Heritage During African American History Month
Discover four websites that provide free resources for educating youth about African American historical figures and events.

Young people graduating university.

College Readiness Programs Lead to Success for San Francisco Homeless Youth
Adventure Awaits at Larkin Street Youth Services helps young people accomplish job and college readiness, GEDs, post secondary school enrollment and more.

Close up of hands on a keyboard.

Free Online Learning Modules Help Youth Study Round the Clock
Discover hundreds of academic tutoring courses that youth and staff can access for free online.

Two young people at an art gallery.

Virtual Museum Trips for Youth are Only a Click Away
Discover a free website that will become your go-to resource for arts education inspiration.

A gender nonconforming young person.

Is Our Educational System Criminalizing LGBTQ Students?
Learn how disproportionate discipline in schools is moving LGBTQ young people from the educational system to the prison pipeline.

Meditation Pose at Ashram

Is Teaching Mindfulness to Homeless Students Helpful?
Learn if an eight-week mindfulness course delivered in a classroom would improve coping faculties among middle-school youth.

A mother comforts her child.

Toolkit Teaches Young Parents Trauma-Sensitive Caregiving
Discover a guide staff can use to create parenting skills lesson plans.

A father kisses his baby.

Youth-Friendly Manual Shows New Fathers the Ropes
Discover a guide that provides great material for educating young dads about fatherhood.

A young woman reviewing paper forms.

GAO Report: Homeless Youth Face Challenges Accessing Financial Aid
The nonpartisan agency that conducts research for Congress offers six recommendations for executive action.


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