emergency preparedness

Emergency gear including batteries, bottled water, a flashlight, canned food, a first aid kit, and a checklist.

Are You Prepared for an Emergency? National Preparedness Month is the Time to Learn How
Learn about resources you can tap to kick-off year-round preparedness for your organization.

A huge group of hands meet in a show of teamwork.

Five Must-Haves for Disaster Preparedness at Youth- and Family-Serving Organizations
Planning ahead is the key to protecting families and youth when an emergency strikes.

Air view of a hurricane.

From the Family Room Blog: Hurricane Recovery for Domestic Violence Victims
Learn how the Family and Youth Services Bureau connects survivors of domestic violence to resources after disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

A hurricane.

Free Resources: Supporting Youth and Families During Disasters
Discover all the tips and guides available to help your organization prepare for emergencies.

Photograph of of a man looking at a checklist as he inspects a building.

Five Steps to Recovering From a Disaster
In the last installment of our National Disaster Preparedness Month series, we discuss what youth-serving agencies can do to recover after a disaster.

Don't Get Caught in an Emergency. Create a Disaster Response Plan.
In part 3 of our emergency-preparedness series, we tell you how to create a disaster response plan.

When Disaster Strikes, Where Do You Go? Plan Ahead for Evacuations
September is National Disaster Preparedness Month—a time to get ready for disasters. In the second installment of our series on emergency preparedness, we talk about how youth-serving organizations can plan ahead for evacuations.


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