A young woman uses a phone app to locate a pop-up care village.

Pop-Up “Care Villages” Combine Services with Dignity and Engagement for Homeless Youth
New approaches to one-stop shops combine services with initiatives that promote dignity, peer empowerment, and engagement.

Two young people training at a bakery.

Social Enterprises Provide Valuable Job Training and a Sense of Purpose for Homeless Youth
Learn how to start a business that helps young people gain employment skills.

A young person shakes hands with a potential employer.

New Toolkit Helps Providers Prepare Transgender Youth for Employment
Learn everything you need to know about job readiness for gender non-confirming youth.

A young person with cash in their jeans pocket.

How do Homeless Young Men and Women Cope Differently with Adversity and Generating Income?
Discover how gender differences are related to homeless youth’s stressors, coping strategies, and types of employment (i.e., legal or illegal).

A young man shakes hands with a job interviewer.

Promoting Work Success for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care
Two organizations use different approaches to help youth aging out of foster care find and keep work.

A young person training in a restaurant kitchen.

Creating Employment Training Programs for Opportunity Youth
A toolkit from Heartland Alliance details new information, requirements tied to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

A young man at a job interview

Learn About Strategies for Preparing Youth for Employment
As part of implementing the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the government has rolled out a new online teaching and learning community.

A young businesswoman.

Exploring Whether and How to Help Youth Be Their Own Bosses
Researchers talk to young people about their interest in, and barriers to, entrepreneurship programs.

A young Hispanic woman.

More Social Services May Lead to More Sources of Income for Hispanic Teen Mothers
Learn how upping in-person interaction between social workers and Hispanic teen moms may help these young moms become more self-sufficient.

Kristin Ferguson

Q&A: Kristin Ferguson on Supporting Young People as They Learn to Support Themselves
Learn how to get homeless young people employed in the formal economy by way of three equally important ingredients: clinical, case management, and employment support services.


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