A measuring tape.

Free Online Toolkit Helps Organizations Evaluate Their Mentoring Programs
Learn what steps to take to conduct a mentoring program evaluation.

A diverse group of teen boys.

Grantee Spotlight: Pregnancy Prevention Awareness for Teen Boys
Read about how the Iowa Department of Public Health is encouraging boys to make wiser and more responsible decisions by implementing the “Wise Guys Male Responsibility Curriculum.”

A student reads text messages on her smart phone.

Do Youth Engage in Text Messages Added to a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program?
After creating a text message library with youth, researchers investigate youth engagement over time with a text message component added to an evidence-based teen pregnancy program.

A homeless young person sitting with a homeless veteran.

Q&A:How Ending Veteran Homelessness Can Help Homeless Youth (Part 2)
We continue our conversation with USICH Executive Director Matthew Doherty and Policy Director Jasmine Hayes.

Teen support group

How Can School-Based Support Groups Help Prevent Teen Dating Violence?
Researchers talk to Expect Respect group facilitators about their opportunities and challenges.

Two young people at a chalkboard.

Talking About Gender and Power Makes Sex Education More Effective
A researcher finds that addressing gender and power relations in sex ed curricula makes a difference for teens.

Photograph of a young woman filling out a form on a clipboard.

From the National Alliance to End Homelessness, a Comprehensive Assessment Tool
A new tool can help communities quickly help people experiencing homelessness, including youth who are on their own.

Teens holding hands in a group.

Work to Be Done: As Teen Pregnancy Rates Decline, Georgia Youth Workers Broaden Focus
As teen pregnancy rates decline in Georgia, advocacy organizations are branching out to help teens eat healthy, make responsible choices and generally be well.


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