A father kisses his baby.

Youth-Friendly Manual Shows New Fathers the Ropes
Discover a guide that provides great material for educating young dads about fatherhood.

A child gives a card to their father.

Federal Clearinghouse Supports Strong Fathers, Families
Learn about the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, funded by the ACF Office of Family Assistance.

Nicole Daley of Start Strong

Q&A: Using 'The Halls' Web Series to Help Young Men Prevent Violence
The Boston Public Health Commission created a fictional series to get teens talking about gender-based violence against women and girls.

Students in a classroom

Creating Sexual Health Classrooms Inclusive of Teen Parents
Three training experts share ways to empower and engage teen parents and their allies.

A young father holds his baby.

Q&A: What Young Fathers Need
We need to start viewing young dads as parents, says researcher Mark Kiselica.

Young parents with their baby.

Investigating How to Help Urban Minority Teens 'Co-Parent'
Through pilot tests, researchers developed an intervention to teach teen parents how to work together to care for their children.

A father and his teen son.

What Are You Doing for Father’s Day?
We share resources for youth- and family-serving organizations that want to celebrate and empower dads this month.

A diverse group of young men.

Which Young Men Are Most Likely to Get Their Partners Pregnant?
A new study uncovers which groups of behaviors are linked to pregnancy.

A young father holding his son.

Primary Sources: How Much Responsibility Do Teen Dads Accept for Their Partners' Pregnancies?
To examine the levels of responsibility teen fathers accept, Jennifer Beggs Weber interviewed 26 young dads living in a Midwest city with higher than average teen birth rates.

A Latino father outdoors with his son.

Q&A: Helping Dads See Their Positive Impact on Teens' Sexual Health
New York University Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos and his colleagues have set out to learn more about the impact fathers have on their children’s sexual health.


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