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Who Gives to Women's and Girls' Causes?
A new report reveals who gives to causes specific to women and girls, and how to engage these donors.

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From the Foundation Officer’s Mouth: Advice on Applying for Local Funding
"Follow guidelines," "Pick up the phone" and other words of wisdom from two staff members of the William T. Grant Foundation, a New York funder of youth-serving organizations.

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Right on the Money: A New Report Advises Charities to Share Their Successes With Potential Donors
A new report from Guidestar helps nonprofits see how to show the world what a difference they are making.

Right on the Money: Be a Funding Detective and Find a Foundation to Support Your Cause
An expert on fundraising research shares tips for identifying foundations interested in supporting youth programs.

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Right on the Money: Get to Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Foundation
For community-based organizations, community foundations can be a lifeline. Unlike big national grant makers, these public charities define their missions according to geography -- benefiting nonprofit groups in a particular city, county, state or region

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Right on the Money: Ten Ways to Find Foundation Funding
 Last month, we addressed how to write a better grant proposal. But before youth-serving organizations apply for funding, they have to pinpoint likely donors. How to do that with no fund raising staff and barely enough time to get your to-do list done each day?

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