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Free Ebook Offers Advice on Year-End Fundraising
Would you believe one-third of "annual giving" happens in December?

People dining at a pizza canteen truck.

Right on the Money: Food Trucks Make Tasty Fundraising Partners
Three tips from a Minneapolis organization that has enlisted lunchtime food trucks to raise money and awareness.

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Right on the Money: Four Ingredients to Hiring an Effective Development Director
High turnover in lead fundraising staff can hurt nonprofits financially--so how do you find the right person for the job and keep them?

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Right on the Money: This Crowdfunding Site Can Help You Raise Money for Youths' Personal Needs
Do your youth need money for transportation, work clothes or college application fees? can help.

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Your Six Best Fundraising Partners
Watch our slideshow to find out who to reach out to when you want to kick your fundraising up a notch.

logo, Charity Navigator 3.0

Right on the Money: Show Donors Your Impact
Charity Navigator is leading the charge to get nonprofits to publish information about the impact its work has had on its overall mission.

Photograph of a young woman, and the text Guide to Starting a Youth Program

Want to Start a Youth Program? Get Going Today With Our All-New Guide
We’re excited to unveil a new, interactive version of our “Guide to Starting a Youth Program.” It’s the only resource of its kind specifically developed for people (both adults and teens) who want to work with youth and help improve their well-being—and their futures.

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Right on the Money: Tips for Online Fundraising
The ways for nonprofits to raise money online have proliferated, and following the trends has paid off for some charities.

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Right on the Money: Six Tips for Fundraising With Your Board
Fundraising experts share advice on getting your nonprofit board involved in raising money.

Boxes of toothpaste and other toiletries.

Right on the Money: Advanced Tips for Soliciting In-Kind Donations
A few years ago, we gave you step-by-step advice on raising in-kind donations. Now we're back with new tips on how to get people to donate goods and services to your organization.


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