Images of social media logos, with a bucket of coins pouring over them.

Right on the Money: Four Tips to Simplify Social-Media Fundraising
Volunteers of America Chesapeake used Facebook, Twitter, a WordPress blog, YouTube videos, texting, email and the organization’s website to convince people to donate to its year-end giving campaign. Communications specialist Danielle Milner shares tips.

Image of monet falling into open hands.

Right on the Money: A New Report Advises Charities to Share Their Successes With Potential Donors
A new report from Guidestar helps nonprofits see how to show the world what a difference they are making.

Photograph of a smiling man making a telephone call.

Fundraising Week 2012: Three Ways to Engage Your Board in Fundraising
A fundraising consultant says to build relationships with potential donors, youth-serving charities should tap a built-in fundraising team: their boards.

Photograph of a man and a woman meeting over lunch.

Fundraising Week 2012: Teaming up With Corporations
An Arkansas fundraiser shares how she built a strong relationship with a local company--and got it to make a donation to her youth-serving organization.

Drawing of one hand with a heart on it reaching up to another hand.

Fundraising Week 2012: Monthly Giving Clubs Encourage Stronger Relationships With Donors
A Nebraska fundraiser gives advice on starting a monthly giving club for donors.

Image of a purple button with the word donate on it.

Fundraising Week 2012: How to Raise Money Online
Americans like to support their favorite charities, and they're doing it more and more online. Here's how to put a "Donate Now" button on your website.

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Fundraising Week 2012: How to Say Thank You
Five easy ways to thank your donors before the year is out.

Photograph of a group of people brainstorming at a table.

Fundraising Week 2012: How to Assemble a Grant-Writing Team
Can't afford a grant writer? Train your staff to prepare proposals!

Photograph of a woman filling out forms.

Fundraising Week 2012: Do's and Don'ts of Grant Writing
How is writing a federal grant proposal like baking a cake? Find out in this article we've re-posted for our first-ever Fundraising Week.

Photograph of a hat full of dollar bills.

Fundraising Week 2012: What Motivates People to Give to Charity?
People donate to charities for different reasons. Learn about some of the common profiles of charitable givers--and how you can market your organization to them.


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