Two young women celebrating their quinceañeras.

Right on the Money: Volunteer Fundraisers Drive Donations to Youth-Serving Agencies
Volunteer-led drives increase an organization’s network of donors while pulling in more resources than most individuals could raise on their own.

Thumbnail image of the new building at Synergy Services.

Right on the Money: Building and Funding a New Youth Facility
When Synergy Services, a youth- and family-serving organization in Kansas City, MO,  began planning to build their new Youth Resiliency Center four years ago, they weren’t expecting a collapse in the economy.    

A donation box with hundred dollar bills in it.

Right on the Money: Matching Charities to the Donors Most Likely to Support Them
What motivates people to give to charity? That’s the million dollar question for nonprofit organizations.

Stacks of hundred-dollar bills.

Right on the Money: Annual Funds Offer Unrestricted Possibilities
Cato and Vice President of Advancement T. Allen Morgan share their tips for running a successful annual fund.

Excited business people.

Right on the Money: Get Your Board to Lead the Way on Fundraising
David Sternberg suggests that charities should tap a built-in fundraising team: their boards.

A woman shakes the hand of a donor.

Right on the Money: Good Stewardship Equals Good Management
In the vernacular of nonprofit fundraising, stewardship means building and maintaining good relationships with donors and volunteers. The hope is that they’ll make additional contributions of money, time and effort to the organization in the future.

Diverse members of a community foundation

Right on the Money: Get to Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Foundation
For community-based organizations, community foundations can be a lifeline. Unlike big national grant makers, these public charities define their missions according to geography -- benefiting nonprofit groups in a particular city, county, state or region

A group of joined hands.

Right on the Money: Get Everyone in on Grant Writing
In these tough economic times, hiring a full-time grant writer or using a consultant may not make the most financial sense. As an alternative, small nonprofits can tap into the talents of their staff to put together grant proposals.

Dollar sign.

Right on the Money: Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Raise Money From Individual Donors?
 Foundation and government grants don’t last forever. They often require strict reporting back to the granting organization. And grants can only be used for a particular purpose, leaving organizations strapped when emergency cash is needed.


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