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Right on the Money: Knowing Your Organization’s Needs Key to Fundraising
With rare exception, nonprofit organizations of all stripes have to raise money to keep their operations going and to fulfill their missions

A diverse group of philanthropists.

Right on the Money: Going After Grants—Are the Time and Effort Always Worth It?
Nothing in life is free, and that holds true for grants. When deciding whether or not to seek funding from a foundation, government agency or corporation, busy youth-service professionals need to weigh the costs and benefits of writing the grant proposal.

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Right on the Money: Ten Ways to Find Foundation Funding
 Last month, we addressed how to write a better grant proposal. But before youth-serving organizations apply for funding, they have to pinpoint likely donors. How to do that with no fund raising staff and barely enough time to get your to-do list done each day?

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Right on the Money: Recipe for a Winning Grant Proposal
 It's no secret nonprofit organizations are struggling to find new funding sources in these tough economic times. But with the right grant writing formula, your organization has a better chance of weathering the storm.

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Right on the Money: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify
 When youth-serving organizations rely on just one source of funding, they can find themselves at risk during tough economic times.

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Sustaining Your Youth Program: Weatherproofing Against Financial Storms
Having more than one funding source can mean the difference between weathering the storm of budget crunches and going under. This issue of The Exchange looks at “sustainability”—the art of making sure you have the funds to keep your youth programs running.


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