Silhouettes of young people standing under a bridge.

How Does Gang Involvement Impact Health Outcomes of Homeless Youth?
Researchers examined the impact gang involvement has on homeless youth health outcomes, such as exposure to trauma, mental health, sexual behavior, and substance use.

Robin Petering

Q&A: Robin Petering on Homeless Youth and Gangs
Why do some homeless youth become involved in gangs and other street-based communities?

Map of the state of California.

California's Lessons in Gang Prevention
Over the past five years, 13 California cities have participated a gang prevention network sponsored by the National League of Cities and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. Two new publications highlight the lessons learned by a number of the cities.

Photograph of tattoo removal in progress.

Bright Idea: Tattoo Removal Creates a ‘Clean Slate’ for Former Gang Members in Search of Jobs
Free or low-cost tattoo removal programs like the one at Social Advocates for Youth in Santa Rosa, CA, offer former gang members a chance to make a fresh start and gain meaningful employment.

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