grant writing

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Right on the Money: Get Everyone in on Grant Writing
In these tough economic times, hiring a full-time grant writer or using a consultant may not make the most financial sense. As an alternative, small nonprofits can tap into the talents of their staff to put together grant proposals.

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Right on the Money: Going After Grants—Are the Time and Effort Always Worth It?
Nothing in life is free, and that holds true for grants. When deciding whether or not to seek funding from a foundation, government agency or corporation, busy youth-service professionals need to weigh the costs and benefits of writing the grant proposal.

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Right on the Money: Ten Ways to Find Foundation Funding
 Last month, we addressed how to write a better grant proposal. But before youth-serving organizations apply for funding, they have to pinpoint likely donors. How to do that with no fund raising staff and barely enough time to get your to-do list done each day?

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Right on the Money: Recipe for a Winning Grant Proposal
 It's no secret nonprofit organizations are struggling to find new funding sources in these tough economic times. But with the right grant writing formula, your organization has a better chance of weathering the storm.


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