Hispanic families and youth

Latin street cart food.

Building Evidence: A Free, Online, Bilingual Evaluation Toolkit
Try this free, online, bilingual learning tool to help Latino communities with family violence prevention and services.

A teenager with her parents.

What Characteristics of Latino Parents Affect Their Communication with Teens About Sexual Health?
Learn how parental characteristics like expertise and trustworthiness affect parent-child conversations about sex.

A concerned young woman.

This April, Support Sexual Assault Awareness Using FYSB’s Domestic Violence Resource Network
There's a wide range of resources available to promote the prevention of sexual violence in diverse communities.

Young parents with their baby.

Investigating How to Help Urban Minority Teens 'Co-Parent'
Through pilot tests, researchers developed an intervention to teach teen parents how to work together to care for their children.

Three young women smiling.

Why Do Young Women Abstain From Having Sex?
Researchers found five broad reasons young women of various racial and ethnic backgrounds were sexually abstinent.

Photograph of a smiling family.

Annual Disparities Report Says Access to Health Care Improving
A new federal report shows that the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplaces are helping more Americans of all racial and ethnic groups get insurance.

Diverse young people.

Make Your Organization More Culturally Competent
A new brief from the Administration for Children & Families' Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation provides an overview of cultural competence for organizations serving children and families from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.

A smiling young Latina mother and her child.

Primary Sources: Social Support Makes African American and Hispanic Teen Moms Less Depressed and Better Able to Cope with Stress
Researchers Cindy Y. Huang, Jessica Costeines, Joy S. Kaufman, and Carmen Ayala from Yale School of Medicine and Bridgeport Public Schools investigate the influence of parental stress and levels of social support on young mothers’ depression and their infants’ development.

Photograph of two young Latina women standing arm in arm

Q&A: Jessica Nunan of Caminar Latino on Listening to and Empowering Youth Affected by Domestic Violence
Jessica Nunan discusses her counseling work with young people who have witnessed domestic violence, and the specific needs of that population.

Photograph of a young Latina woman with a young man in the background.

Primary Sources: What Hispanics Say They Need to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence in their Communities
Researchers wanted to explore how to create effective, culturally-tailored programs to prevent intimate partner violence in Miami's Hispanic community.


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