Latina and African-American young people.

Tailoring Family-Based HIV Prevention Interventions for African American and Latino Homeless Youth
Researchers assess parental relationships and sexual risk behaviors among homeless youth who are white, African American, or Latino.

Woman Holding AIDS Awareness Ribbon

Research Network Focuses on HIV-Positive and At-Risk Youth
Research network partners with community-based organizations to support youth with HIV and those at risk for becoming HIV positive.

Red HIV awareness ribbon.

World AIDS Day: Raising Young People’s Awareness About HIV and AIDS
Share resources on HIV and AIDS prevention with youth and staff.

A young woman poses with her grandmother.

How Does Talking to Extended Family Influence Teens' Decisions About Sex?
A recent study finds that sexually active teens are more likely to have discussed sex and relationships with their extended family than with their parents.

A young Native American woman.

Communicating with Native American Youth about STI Prevention
Researchers connect with young people to understand their information-seeking habits and preferences.

Happy diverse young people.

Linking Homeless Youth to Services: A Look at the Impact of Shelter and Drop-in Programs
Researchers talk to 79 young people in Columbus, Ohio, about their experiences and outcomes.

A smiling young woman.

What Places Sexual Minority Youth At Heightened Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections?
Katherine Quinn and Allison Ertl conduct one of the first studies to examine sexual identity and sexual behavior as distinct factors affecting risk.

Two young people at a chalkboard.

Talking About Gender and Power Makes Sex Education More Effective
A researcher finds that addressing gender and power relations in sex ed curricula makes a difference for teens.

A young man wearing a gray hoodie

Primary Sources: Can Sexual Identity Place a Young Man at Higher Risk for STIs?
In estimating risk of sexually transmitted infections, does it matter whether young men having sex with men call themselves gay, straight or bisexual?


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