Diverse young people sharing a meal together.

How Do Formerly Homeless Youth Perceive the Impact Over Time of Transitional Living Programs?
Discover what aspects of a Transitional Living Program youth find most useful.

A mentor guides her mentee in an art project.

Staff with Mentor Roles Enhance Housing Programs for Transition Age Youth
Learn how your organization can incorporate mentorship into your youth housing program.

Children look longingly at a house.

Now Available on the HUD Exchange: Partnership-Building Resources to End Youth Homelessness
Learn about ways housing providers can partner with a variety of stakeholders to prevent youth homelessness.

Teenage Girl carrying a rucksack

What are the Experiences and Needs of Homeless Youth with a History of Foster Care?
Researchers compare the experiences of 601 young people, including some with foster care histories, in Los Angeles, Denver, and Austin, Texas.

A young woman sits in a dormitory.

Ask NCFY: How Can I Help Homeless College Students Find Housing During Academic Breaks?
In this new installment of our advice column, we answer a question recently submitted to us via Facebook.

Smiling student.

Read an Updated Brief on the Educational Rights of Students Experiencing Homelessness
See how the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 strengthens provisions for homeless children and youth.

Young people carrying notebooks and clipboards.

Prepare for the 2016 ‘Point-in-Time’ Count
We highlight guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on counting youth ages 18 to 24.

A young woman carrying a book bag.

Help Colleges Meet the Needs of Homeless Students During Academic Breaks
Discover resources that help youth workers raise awareness and identify campus contacts.

A thoughtful young person.

National Runaway Prevention Month 2015: Preventing and Responding to Youth Homelessness
Learn about interventions that strengthen families and young people's ability to be self-sufficient.


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