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A diverse group of young people standing shoulder to shoulder.

Shift Your Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign Into High Gear
Discover resources for raising awareness about intimate partner violence in your community.

A young man studying.

Strategies for Discussing Social Determinants of Health in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
A free publication offers tips for starting and shaping community conversations.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, PREP Teens for the Future

Communicating in National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and Beyond
We round up marketing and communication resources for teen pregnancy prevention programs and other youth-serving agencies.

Young people working on social media.

New Marketing Approaches for Youth-Serving Programs
From videos to rebranding campaigns, here's how to showcase the value of your work. 

A diverse group of people communicating via social media

Use Social Media to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course
Learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to grow a network of collaborators and expand your organization's visibility

A young man typing a blog on his laptop

Start a Blog to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course
Learn how blogging can enable you to build a strong connection to a devoted audience.

A woman holds a video camera

Create Videos to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course
Learn how to make a marketing splash with video.

A woman standing behind microphones pointing at a reporter.

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Media Outlets
Learn how to garner media attention for your work and your cause.

Social media

Learn How to Use Social Media in Your Work With Youth and Families
The Child Welfare Information Gateway's new "Using Social Media in Child Welfare" section offers tips for social workers, youth and foster parents.

A mother embracing her teen daughter.

Use Video Scenarios to Open the Lines of Communication Between Girls and Their Families
A skills-building program from the Office on Women's Health helps parents and caregivers communicate with preteen and teen girls.


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