Maternity Group Home Program

A smiling young pregnant woman.

Providing Extra Services to Pregnant Teens in Foster Care Improves Outcomes for Young Families
Learn about the kinds of services that help pregnant youth in foster care thrive.

Three young people holding hands.

Sharing the Impact of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act
How has the act made a difference in communities across the country? A few grantees of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program weigh in.

Photograph of a group of diverse and happy young people.

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Turns 40
The Family and Youth Services Bureau is pleased to recognize 2014 as the 40th anniversary of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act.

Esta es una fotografía de una mujer joven.

Mantente en Contacto: Marta
En este plazo de nuestra serie de video para jóvenes en transición, Marta explica cómo su conexión con un Programa de Centros Básicos le ayudó mantener la seguridad de su niño y le ayudó a ella a encontrar su estabilidad.

Photograph of three young women laughing together.

Ask NCFY: Mother's Day at Maternity Group Homes
Advice on how to celebrate young moms on Mother's Day without glorifying teen pregnancy.

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