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National Runaway Prevention Month

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National Runaway Prevention Month 2015: Preventing and Responding to Youth Homelessness
Learn about interventions that strengthen families and young people's ability to be self-sufficient.

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Does the Home Free Program Affect Family Dynamics, Communication?
Researchers talk to 107 parents and guardians whose children used the service offered by the FYSB-supported National Runaway Safeline.

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Attend a Film Screening and Discussion About Youth Homelessness—November 17, 2 p.m. EST
The first-of-its-kind event will unite participants from 10 locations and online.

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4 Ways to Promote National Runaway Prevention Month on Social Media
Get creative ideas for using Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about runaway and homeless youth.

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This National Runaway Prevention Month, Show There’s More to Youth than ‘Meets the Eye’
Join the National Runaway Safeline in raising awareness about the needs of runaway and homeless youth.

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Six Ways You Can Help Youth During National Runaway Prevention Month--and Beyond
To mark National Runaway Prevention Month, we're highlighting essential advice for preventing young people from leaving home and helping them when they do.

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Share Your Advice on Keeping Young People Safe
Submit your tips on how to keep youth from running away, and the National Runaway Safeline may feature your ideas during National Runaway Prevention month in November.

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National Runaway Prevention Month Is an Opportunity to Increase Your Outreach
The National Runaway Switchboard offers helpful resources for youth workers looking to educate the public about issues affecting runaway youth.

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National Runaway Prevention Month Celebrates Ten Years of ‘Making the Connection’
A range of activities will mark the tenth anniversary of National Runaway Prevention Month in November.

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Tweet for Runaway Prevention
Mark the 10th annual National Runaway Prevention Month on Facebook and Twitter.

9-5 pm Eastern