Native American families and youth

Native American mother with baby

Launching the First National Helpline for Native Survivors of Partner Violence
Explore the launch of the first national helpline for Native survivors of domestic and dating violence.

A young Native American person reading a book.

Supporting Urban Native American Youth in Their Transition to Adulthood
Learn what research shows about urban American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth successful transitioning to adulthood.

A healthcare professional listens.

Connecting Native Youth to Affordable Health Care
Learn about free resources providers can use to educate Native American youth about their expanded health care options.

Two Native American young people talking on a school campus.

Adapting Evidence-Based Sexual Health Interventions to Make Them Culturally Relevant for Native American Youth
Learn how researchers adapted an evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention intervention to better serve the needs of Native American youth.

A Native American teen smiling.

"Native It’s Your Game" Focuses on Native Youth and Pregnancy Prevention
Discover how an evidence-based sexual health and life skills program helps Native American and Alaskan Native youth learn to make healthy decisions.

Navajo potter Pablita Abeyta with her creations at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 2016
Use these Native American Heritage Month resources and programs to educate and enrich the lives of young people.

A young Native American boy.

What Impacts Native American Middle Schoolers’ Decisions to Have Sex?
Researchers examine the role of factors at the individual, family, and peer levels.

A concerned young woman.

This April, Support Sexual Assault Awareness Using FYSB’s Domestic Violence Resource Network
There's a wide range of resources available to promote the prevention of sexual violence in diverse communities.

A young Native American woman.

Communicating with Native American Youth about STI Prevention
Researchers connect with young people to understand their information-seeking habits and preferences.

A young woman holding a video camera.

Take a Creative Approach to Dating Violence Prevention with Youth-Friendly ‘Media Challenges’
See how two agencies use contests to showcase teens' thoughts about healthy relationships.


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