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Free Online Data Tools Provide Powerful Statistics for Funding Applications
Discover interactive data maps, interactive statistics, and several reports about disconnected youth.

A measuring tape.

Free Online Toolkit Helps Organizations Evaluate Their Mentoring Programs
Learn what steps to take to conduct a mentoring program evaluation.

A young mom bottle feeding her baby.

Are Educational Factors Linked to Better Birth Outcomes for Teen Moms?
Learn about the impact of academic performance and educational aspiration on infants' birth weight and gestational age.

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Apply Today to Participate in a 100-Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness
A Way Home America will select three communities to receive technical assistance and support as they work to achieve bold goals for homeless youth.

A young woman moving boxes into an apartment.

'Preventing and Ending Youth Homelessness: A Coordinated Community Response'
The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness released a new report on community collaboration to meet young people's needs.

Two young people at a chalkboard.

Talking About Gender and Power Makes Sex Education More Effective
A researcher finds that addressing gender and power relations in sex ed curricula makes a difference for teens.

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Right on the Money: Show Donors Your Impact
Charity Navigator is leading the charge to get nonprofits to publish information about the impact its work has had on its overall mission.

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NCFY Reads: 'The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox'
A family services professional and consultant for one of the nation’s leading charity evaluators gives nonprofit staff the tools to measure their organization's performance and get to meaningful results for the people they serve.

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Resources to Track How Well You're Helping Youth
Tools from Urban Institute, Child Trends, Social Solutions and NCFY to help human services professionals manage their program's day-to-day performance.

Cover page of report, From Soft Skills to Hard Data

Q&A: Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom on Choosing the Right Outcome-Measurement Tool
NCFY spoke with Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom, a lead author of the report "From Soft Skills to Hard Data," to learn how youth-serving programs can measure the effectiveness of what they do.


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