posttraumatic stress disorder

Young people sitting in a student lounge area.

How to Create a Support Group for LGBTQ Youth
Learn how to make a safe space for LGBTQ youth to share about their lives.

A nurse comforts a pregnant woman.

Working With Survivors of Domestic Violence Who Are Pregnant
An online toolkit from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence presents an integrated, multidisciplinary approach.

Mother and baby playing.

How Can We Improve Attachment Between Mothers and Children From One Generation to the Next?
Research shows that by answering a series of questions, mothers dealing with past trauma can help their children bond with others.

Photograph of a mother with two sons.

Voices from the Field: How Mothers With PTSD Raise Trauma-Prone Children
Claude Chemtob studied dozens of traumatized young mothers and found that their experiences made their children more prone to suffer traumas of their own.

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