Kathryn Power of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Federal Agency Works To End Youth Homelessness in New England
Learn how the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is coordinating a regional focus on runaway and homeless youth.

A young person running away through a tunnel.

Q&A: Serving Homeless Youth Who Run Away from Foster Care
Learn how to partner with your local child welfare agency to provide services for runaway foster youth.

A young man sitting on the sidewalk at night.

In Their Own Words: Youth Sex Work and Trafficking
We share one young person's perspective.

A young mother holding her new baby.

Q&A: Using the HEART Program to Integrate Medical and Mental Health Care for Teen Moms
We talk to Bethany Ashby about the program's work to provide comprehensive services for pregnant and parenting youth.

A smiling family.

What is Being Done to Prevent Youth in Foster Care From Running Away?
Researchers reveal an individualized approach for motivating youth to stay in their foster care placements.

Young couple in the city texting.

Q&A: Building the Evidence Base for Pregnancy Prevention Among System-Involved Youth
Janene Fluhr from the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy shares her thoughts on a report evaluating the POWER Through Choices program.

A happy young woman.

Q&A: Stopping Intimate Partner Violence Before It Starts
The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of 10 DELTA FOCUS grantees engaging communities in primary prevention.

Young person doing carpentry

Q&A: For Homeless Youth, Volunteering Builds More than Resumes
A youth worker shares how volunteering can impact homeless youth’s well-being and what other agencies should know about connecting them to community service

A man pushes moving boxes on a cart

Q&A: Aaron Steed of Meathead Movers on Offering Free Moving Services to Victims of Domestic Violence
The California-based moving company also encourages businesses to donate services and products to local shelters.

A young researcher.

Q&A: Building the Evidence Base for Preventing Pregnancy Among High-Risk Youth
Three FYSB grantees are partnering with Mathematica to measure the results of their programs.


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