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Police officer interogating people at an emergency scene.

How Can Young People’s Experiences with Police Inform Sex Trafficking Prevention and Intervention?
A researcher investigates the experiences of youth who were victims of or at risk for domestic sex trafficking and their police interactions.

A young gender-noncomforming person.

Innovative Crisis Hotlines Serving Transgender Youth
Read about two crisis hotlines giving a sense of community and acceptance to transgender individuals.

A young couple holding hands.

Help Prevent Reproductive Coercion by Screening Youth for Dating Violence
We've compiled three screening tools that can help you identify youth in unhealthy relationships.

Friends taking a selfie.

Raise Awareness of LGBT Youth Homelessness on #40toNoneDay
On April 27, True Colors Fund will host its annual event to build knowledge and spur action.

A happy young woman.

Q&A: Stopping Intimate Partner Violence Before It Starts
The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of 10 DELTA FOCUS grantees engaging communities in primary prevention.

A smiling young woman.

What Places Sexual Minority Youth At Heightened Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections?
Katherine Quinn and Allison Ertl conduct one of the first studies to examine sexual identity and sexual behavior as distinct factors affecting risk.

A young man sitting with his chin on his folded arms.

Q&A: Removing Legal Barriers for LGBT Survivors of Violence
We talk to Cathy Bowman from Legal Services NYC about the needs and challenges faced by low-income members of New York's LGBT community.

A young woman sitting in an alley.

From the National Runaway Safeline: Megan's Story
A young woman concerned she might be pregnant reaches out to the Family and Youth Services Bureau's national communication system for runaway and homeless youth.

Teenage boy lying on sofa.

What Makes Youth More Likely to Be Involved in Both Peer and Dating Violence?
Researchers investigate a range of risk and protective factors

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

This February, Educate Yourself on Ways to Prevent and End Teen Dating Violence
Join the Family and Youth Services Bureau and its partners for a number of events scheduled for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.


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