rural families and youth

A young person looking sad.

Working with Homeless Youth Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence
Learn how to build trust and strengthen relationships with youth with histories of sexual trauma.

A young woman standing in a field.

Researchers Find Violence Is Prevalent in the Lives of Rural Youth
The findings come from focus groups with 18- to 20-year-olds and youth workers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

A young man rests outside school

Five Groups of Teens Who Need Pregnancy Prevention More Than Some Might Think
We highlight five groups of teens that sexual health educators are making sure to include in their pregnancy prevention efforts.

A girlfriend and boyfriend talk in a park.

Teen Childbearing in Rural America
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reports that teen childbearing has become more common in the rural United States than in urban centers. We dig into how and why that is.

Pamela Wiseman

Q&A: Pamela Wiseman of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The executive director of New Mexico's main source for domestic violence training says that trauma is at the heart of her state's problems.

Photograph of Peg Dierkers.

Q&A: Peg Dierkers of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The executive director of the nation's first statewide domestic violence relief organization speaks about challenges old and new.

Drawing of a young person sleeping on a sofa, from the A Couch Is Not A Home campaign.

Short Videos by Rural Homeless Youth
Watch rural homeless youth distil their experiences into 30 seconds in a series of public service announcements.

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