A young woman using an app on her phone.

Using Mobile Apps as a Tool for Self-Care
Use a personalized approach to mobile apps as a tool for your self-care practices.

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Webinar Introduces Mindfulness as Tool for Survivors of Interpersonal Violence
Watch a webinar about mindfulness practice to learn how your organization can implement it with staff and clients.

Two young women standing under a street lamp.

How Does Mindfulness Help Homeless Youth Stay Safe?
Researchers assess whether a mindfulness-based intervention can reduce the risk of physical or sexual assault.

A smiling young woman.

Toolkit for Service Providers Sheds Light on Youth Trauma, Resilience
“Trauma & Resilience: An Adolescent Provider Toolkit” is the last in a six-part series addressing the intersection of health and violence.

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Free Online Guide Provides Tips for Incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices Into Staff Trainings
Learn about components you can add to trainings to keep staff safe and grounded.

A young woman meditating.

6 Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Busy Day
Experts share easy ways youth and family service professionals can make 'mindfulness' part of their self-care routines.

Three homeless teens sit in a playground.

Primary Sources: How Do Homeless Youth Decide What's Safe?
A researcher followed 18 homeless youth for several years to uncover what influences their decision making.

Photograph of a person sitting in a yoga position, meditating.

Self-Care for Youth Workers
These resources help youth workers deal with the "secondary trauma" they often go through when helping clients deal with traumatic situations.

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