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sex trafficking

A young woman wearing smudged makeup.

Research Roundup: Responses to Youth Sex Trafficking in Different Areas
New studies examine what can be done to prevent and address commercial sexual exploitation in cities bordering Mexico, small cities, and large metro areas such as Boston.

A young woman standing next to a brick wall.

Webinar Series on Human Trafficking
Learn how to serve victims better by collaborating with others in your community and strengthening your organization's ability to address trafficking.

A young woman stands in a bus shelter on a rainy day.

Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Status Update Released
Learn about progress made so far by federal partners, including the Administration for Children and Families and the Family and Youth Services Bureau.

A tired young woman.

Research Roundup: New Ways to Look at Youth Who've Been Trafficked
Why are some young people at risk of sex trafficking? Why is it hard to help them escape?

A car drives away on a city street at night.

Domestic Human Trafficking: A New Look at U.S Victims
Anti-trafficking group Polaris looks at how and why U.S. citizens are trafficked.

Young people in the shadows.

Read Our Updated Anti-Trafficking Brochure, 'Bought and Sold'
The new version includes a glossary of terms and expanded information about what victims need to escape exploitation.

A smiling young man sitting on steps outdoors.

New Study Looks at Experiences of LGBTQ Youth Engaged in Survival Sex in New York
The Urban Institute study sheds light on the lives of youth who trade sex for cash or shelter, a practice common among youth alone on the streets.

Silhouettes of school-aged young people.

New Anti-Trafficking Guide Helps Schools Become Safe Havens
The resource for educators and others who work with youth comes from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments.

A young woman holds up her hand to prevent being photographed.

FYSB Grantee Coordinates Anti-Trafficking Network in Arizona
Learn about the Arizona Partnership to End Domestic Trafficking, one of three groups awarded Family & Youth Services Bureau demonstration grants aimed at helping victims of severe trafficking.


9-5 pm Eastern