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sex trafficking

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Filling a Gap: FYSB Grantee Addresses Domestic Human Trafficking in Utah
Learn about the Asian Association of Utah’s Refugee and Immigrant Center, one of three organizations awarded Family & Youth Services Bureau demonstration grants aimed at helping victims of severe trafficking.

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A Resource for Schools on Sex Trafficking of Minors
Help educators learn the red flags they can use to recognize youth trafficking and victimization.

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This Podcast Series Can Bring You Up to Speed on Human Trafficking
Listen to award-winning podcasts and learn more about human trafficking

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Primary Sources: Before We Can Help Trafficking Victims, We Have to Identify Them
A team of researchers culled through research articles and reports to find the best recommendations on how human service providers can identify trafficking victims among their clients.

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Primary Sources: What Might Make Youth More Likely to Leave 'The Life' of Commercial Sexual Exploitation?
In this study, a small group of sexually exploited youth offer suggestions for street outreach workers trying to help them.

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Ending Sexual Exploitation: Activities and Resources for People Who Work With Teens
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Talk to youth about sexual exploitation using a toolkit from the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation.


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