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Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Learn about six events you can join to raise awareness about interpersonal violence among youth.

A diverse group of young people standing shoulder to shoulder.

Shift Your Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign Into High Gear
Discover resources for raising awareness about intimate partner violence in your community.

Homeless young people using a library computer.

Engaging Homeless Youth Through Electronic Case Management
Learn how non-traditional communication channels like Facebook and text message can help homeless young people stay in touch.

A young person sitting on a park bench checks their phone.

How Can Programs Use Mobile Phones and Social Media to Serve Homeless Youth?
Researchers analyze mobile phone and social media use among runaway and homeless youth in Denver, and how professionals can better leverage these technologies.

Young people looking at a laptop and talking.

#NCFYtalk: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Strategies for Runaway, Homeless, and Foster Care Youth
Join us May 17 for an hour long Twitter chat to discuss the problem and promising interventions.

A young woman volunteering in a community garden.

Celebrate Global Youth Service Day by Helping Young People Volunteer
The Youth Service America website includes dozens of ways to participate.

A young woman reads stories to children for the United Way of Southeast Michigan.

Post Your MLK Day of Service Events on Social Media
Tell others what you did to recognize the January 18 day of service.

candlelight vigil

4 Ways to Promote National Runaway Prevention Month on Social Media
Get creative ideas for using Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about runaway and homeless youth.

Scene from video showing a young woman walking into a shelter.

Recap: Using Multimedia to Promote Your Program
We asked agencies to share their blogs and videos in honor of our new multimedia training.

A diverse group of people communicating via social media

Use Social Media to Promote Your Youth Program -- New NCFY Course
Learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to grow a network of collaborators and expand your organization's visibility


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