Latina and African-American young people.

Tailoring Family-Based HIV Prevention Interventions for African American and Latino Homeless Youth
Researchers assess parental relationships and sexual risk behaviors among homeless youth who are white, African American, or Latino.

A smiling young woman.

Do Past Experiences Shape Sexual Behavior in Young Women with Foster Care Histories?
Researchers analyze links between young women's experiences of childhood maltreatment and foster care history, and later sexual risk-taking behaviors.

A young Native American boy.

What Impacts Native American Middle Schoolers’ Decisions to Have Sex?
Researchers examine the role of factors at the individual, family, and peer levels.

An African American young woman reading her smartphone.

Do Urban African American Youth Find Sexual Health Information Online?
Learn what drives young people to the Internet and what information they search for online.

A young woman poses with her grandmother.

How Does Talking to Extended Family Influence Teens' Decisions About Sex?
A recent study finds that sexually active teens are more likely to have discussed sex and relationships with their extended family than with their parents.

A young Native American woman.

Communicating with Native American Youth about STI Prevention
Researchers connect with young people to understand their information-seeking habits and preferences.

Happy diverse young people.

Linking Homeless Youth to Services: A Look at the Impact of Shelter and Drop-in Programs
Researchers talk to 79 young people in Columbus, Ohio, about their experiences and outcomes.

A smiling young woman.

What Places Sexual Minority Youth At Heightened Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections?
Katherine Quinn and Allison Ertl conduct one of the first studies to examine sexual identity and sexual behavior as distinct factors affecting risk.

Homeless teen couple.

Examining the Impact of Relationships on Condom Use Among Homeless Youth
Researchers identify relationship factors and general risk patterns that may impact decisions around protection.

A young Inuit woman.

How Does History Affect the Way Inuit Parents Talk to Teens About Sexual Health?
A researcher explores the experiences of Inuit families in Northern Canada and how their stories may translate to Native American communities.


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