substance abuse

A young couple.

What Factors Lead Young People to Take Sexual Risks?
Researchers study how a young person's history can be used to predict--and prevent--unhealthy sexual behaviors in the future.

A group of diverse teens.

Peer Groups Affect Substance Use in Homeless Youth
Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 19 homeless youth ages 16 to 21 from three Midwestern cities to discover how homeless youth perceive social norms related to substance use among their peers.

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Videos Provide Tears, Smiles, and Laughter to Youth in Recovery
Discover an extensive collection of short films that will help youth feel less alone in their recovery.

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Linking Homeless Youth to Services: A Look at the Impact of Shelter and Drop-in Programs
Researchers talk to 79 young people in Columbus, Ohio, about their experiences and outcomes.

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Set the Record Straight About Substance Use During National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week
Join hundreds of organizations around the country as they "shatter the myths" about alcohol and drug use.

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Understanding Methamphetamine Use Among Homeless Youth
What makes certain youth more likely to use the addictive stimulant and how does it affect their safety?

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What Substance Abuse Treatments Work for Homeless Youth?
Researchers examine the impact of three evidence-based interventions on substance use and more.

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Do Common Beliefs About LGBT Homeless Youth Reflect Reality?
Two researchers review the literature to compare findings against "common wisdom" in the field.

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Research Roundup: Connections Between Drug Use and Violence, Trauma Among Homeless Youth
Researchers explore how drug use in homeless youth may connect to different types of violence.


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