suicide prevention

A young gender-noncomforming person.

Innovative Crisis Hotlines Serving Transgender Youth
Read about two crisis hotlines giving a sense of community and acceptance to transgender individuals.

A young person makes a call to a crisis line.

Resources for Year-Round Youth Suicide Prevention
Discover tools for raising awareness among staff about the youth behavior changes that indicate a young person may have suicidal thoughts.

A college student sits thinking in the school library.

How Does School Connectedness Relate to Suicidal Ideation for LGB Adolescents?
Read about a new study finding a link between school connectedness and reduced risk of suicide in LGB adolescents.

A young woman comforts her friend.

Free Curriculum Helps Youth Prevent Suicide Among Their LGBTQ Peers
The Trevor Project shares resources to help youth workers train peer "lifeguards."

A serious looking young woman.

From the National Runaway Safeline: Lindsey's Story
In observance of National Suicide Prevention Month, the National Runaway Safeline is running stories about people affected by suicide.

Homeless young woman

From the National Runaway Safeline: Luciana's Story
A young woman experiencing suicidal feelings reaches out to the Family and Youth Services Bureau's national communication system for runaway and homeless youth.

Photograph of a young woman sitting outdoors against a brick wall.

Primary Sources: What Leads Many Runaway and Homeless Youth to Harm Themselves or Consider Suicide?
A new study of 474 youth in Los Angeles County tries to get closer to an answer.

Photograph of a woman looking at a computer screen.

Ask NCFY: How Can Youth Workers Address Suicidal Posts Online?
NCFY answers a question about responding to youth who post suicidal comments online.

Snapshots of diverse people

Bright Idea: A Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Makes Suicide Prevention a Priority
An Iowa Runaway and Homeless Youth Program grantee has made suicide prevention one of its highest priorities – right up there with giving youth a place to stay.

Photograph of a young person looking down with arms crossed.

Primary Sources: Preventing Youth Suicide
A new study divides suicide risk into four classes and associates each class with the types of young people most at risk.


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