Young people testing a mobile app.

Testing a Mobile App for Homeless Youth and Service Providers
Learn how an app may help homeless youth better access services.

Hand Using Mobile to Donate

Mobile Giving: The Future of Fundraising
Learn about harnessing the power of online fundraising using mobile giving strategies.

Two young people at an art gallery.

Virtual Museum Trips for Youth are Only a Click Away
Discover a free website that will become your go-to resource for arts education inspiration.

Homeless young people using a library computer.

Engaging Homeless Youth Through Electronic Case Management
Learn how non-traditional communication channels like Facebook and text message can help homeless young people stay in touch.

A young person sitting on a park bench checks their phone.

How Can Programs Use Mobile Phones and Social Media to Serve Homeless Youth?
Researchers analyze mobile phone and social media use among runaway and homeless youth in Denver, and how professionals can better leverage these technologies.

A young woman holding a video camera.

Take a Creative Approach to Dating Violence Prevention with Youth-Friendly ‘Media Challenges’
See how two agencies use contests to showcase teens' thoughts about healthy relationships.

Two women using a tablet computer.

Are Anti-Violence Professionals Ready to Embrace Technology?
Researchers surveyed 471 people working with survivors to to see if they are ready and able to use technology.

A young person texting.

Do Teen Dating Partners Use Technology to Talk About Sexual Health?
We look at a new study examining the impact of text messages, Snapchat and more.


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