teen dating violence

An African-American grandfather with his two grandsons.

The Role of Fathers in Reducing Dating Violence and Sexual Risk Behaviors
Researchers explore the impact fathers have on reducing dating violence and sexual risk behaviors among African American youth.

A father has a conversation with his child.

Free Conversation Toolkit Helps Young People Stay Safe
Learn how to discuss sensitive topics like cybersafety, healthy relationships, and bullying with young people.

Love is patient, gentle, respectful, and kind: not abusive.

Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Learn about six events you can join to raise awareness about interpersonal violence among youth.

A young couple.

Resources for Youth To Address Relationship Abuse Year-Round
Learn about opportunities for young people to get involved in youth-led teen dating violence prevention campaigns.

A young couple holding hands.

Help Prevent Reproductive Coercion by Screening Youth for Dating Violence
We've compiled three screening tools that can help you identify youth in unhealthy relationships.

Students gathered in a school assembly.

Take Part in National Youth Violence Prevention Week
There are dozens of ways for youth and adults to promote violence-free schools and communities.

Young adults working on a shared laptop.

#YouthLeaders Twitter Chat Recap: Youth-Led Efforts to End Teen Dating Violence
Revisit the February 29 chat featuring young people making a difference.

A young man sitting with his chin on his folded arms.

Q&A: Removing Legal Barriers for LGBT Survivors of Violence
We talk to Cathy Bowman from Legal Services NYC about the needs and challenges faced by low-income members of New York's LGBT community.

A teen couple looking away from each other.

How Can Improving Youth Mental Health Prevent Teen Dating Violence?
Researchers assess which psychiatric disorders are most strongly associated with youth relationship abuse.

Nicole Daley of Start Strong

Q&A: Using 'The Halls' Web Series to Help Young Men Prevent Violence
The Boston Public Health Commission created a fictional series to get teens talking about gender-based violence against women and girls.


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