A young person painting at an easel.

Youth Art Month: Using Art to Help Heal Trauma
Learn about Youth Art Month, and how art can help young people recover from trauma.

A smiling young woman.

Do Past Experiences Shape Sexual Behavior in Young Women with Foster Care Histories?
Researchers analyze links between young women's experiences of childhood maltreatment and foster care history, and later sexual risk-taking behaviors.

A mother comforts her child.

Toolkit Teaches Young Parents Trauma-Sensitive Caregiving
Discover a guide staff can use to create parenting skills lesson plans.

A sad young person looks out a window.

Caregiver Rejection Sets Young People Up for Homelessness
Understand the link between family dynamics, caregiver rejection, and youth homelessness, particularly among LGBTQ youth.

A youth and family services professional comforts a young woman.

New Online Training: "Trauma-Informed Care"
Discover a free interactive course designed to introduce family and youth workers to trauma and its impact.

A smiling young woman.

Toolkit for Service Providers Sheds Light on Youth Trauma, Resilience
“Trauma & Resilience: An Adolescent Provider Toolkit” is the last in a six-part series addressing the intersection of health and violence.

A young woman talking on her phone.

In Boston, Exploited Youth Connect with Survivor-Mentors to Build Trust, Community
My Life My Choice teams youth and adults with shared experiences to promote healthy, healing relationships.

A young person looking sad.

Q&A: Trauma ‘Types’ Versus ‘Numbers:’ Which Has the Bigger Impact on Homeless Youth?
Researcher Carolyn Wong discusses the findings of her recent study of complex trauma among homeless youth.

A young man sitting on concrete steps.

#NCFYtalk Recap: Complex Trauma and Homeless Youth
With the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, we hosted a November 20 Twitter chat on helping young people who experience multiple traumatic events.

A young person with brightly colored braids and a nose ring.

Do Common Beliefs About LGBT Homeless Youth Reflect Reality?
Two researchers review the literature to compare findings against "common wisdom" in the field.


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