A young woman writing poetry.

Teaching Poetry to At-Risk Youth
Discover resources for starting a poetry writing group with young people.

A young man speaks into a microphone.

5 Steps to Engage Young People in Poetry Competitions
Extra work is needed to ensure youth take part in creative opportunities to discuss real-world issues.

Photograph of teens sitting at desks writing.

Bright Idea: Writing Workshops Can Be Fun and Therapeutic for Youth
The deadline for FYSB's essay contest for runaway and homeless youth is about five weeks away. How about holding a writing workshop for your youth this month? NCFY tells you how.

Photograph of diverse teens.

Bright Idea: Use Poetry to Help Youth Sort Out Who They Are
April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to celebrate than by creating poetry with the young people you work with? NCFY share three steps to holding a poetry-writing group.

A young man speaking into a micophone.

Bright Idea: Teaching Youth the Power of Words
Everybody has a story to tell. That’s the underlying philosophy of youth writing workshops: giving young people the opportunity to be heard and the confidence to express their thoughts. 

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