Youth Count!

Participants in a point-in-time count.

Recommendations for Counting Homeless Youth and Surveying Their Needs
As part of YouthCount! 2.0, researchers examined methods of counting and surveying homeless young people to find out which were most effective.

Photograph of a young woman surveying another young woman.

Lessons Learned From the Youth Count! Project
A new Urban Institute report shares strategies from a recent federal pilot study aimed at improving point-in-time counts of homeless young people.

Photograph of three young men talking and laughing while standing outside.

Bright Idea: Youth Participants Can Improve Point-In-Time Counts
Fifty formerly homeless Los Angeles youth took to the streets to help count their peers in January. A Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority official shares tips for employing young people to help conduct point-time-counts.

Photograph of a clipboard with paper and a pencil.

Lessons Learned Conducting Youth 'Point-in-Time' Counts
A recent webinar highlights lessons learned from youth-inclusive point-in-time counts.

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