grant writing

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Free Online Data Tools Provide Powerful Statistics for Funding Applications
Discover interactive data maps, interactive statistics, and several reports about disconnected youth.

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Right on the Money: Set the Stage For Joint Funding Requests with Early Relationship Building
Discover how your agency can prepare itself for successful grant collaborations.

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From the Foundation Officer’s Mouth: Advice on Applying for Local Funding
"Follow guidelines," "Pick up the phone" and other words of wisdom from two staff members of the William T. Grant Foundation, a New York funder of youth-serving organizations.

Photograph of a young woman working on a grant proposal.

Right on the Money: Ten Tips for Writing a Persuasive Grant Proposal
We’ve culled the best grant-writing advice from previous NCFY articles.

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Fundraising Week 2012: How to Assemble a Grant-Writing Team
Can't afford a grant writer? Train your staff to prepare proposals!

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Fundraising Week 2012: Do's and Don'ts of Grant Writing
How is writing a federal grant proposal like baking a cake? Find out in this article we've re-posted for our first-ever Fundraising Week.

Right on the Money: Be a Funding Detective and Find a Foundation to Support Your Cause
An expert on fundraising research shares tips for identifying foundations interested in supporting youth programs.

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Prepare Now for Federal Grant Competition
If your youth-serving agency plans to apply for a Runaway and Homeless Youth Program grant (or grants) this spring, it’s not too early to start preparing.

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Right on the Money: Making Youth-Written Grant Proposals Stand Out
Representatives from Do Something and Youth Service America share the recipe for making community-service grant proposals rise to the top of the heap.

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Right on the Money: Get to Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Foundation
For community-based organizations, community foundations can be a lifeline. Unlike big national grant makers, these public charities define their missions according to geography -- benefiting nonprofit groups in a particular city, county, state or region


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