Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

A young man walking in the city after dark.

7 Tips for Serving Male Victims of Sex Trafficking
Organizations that work with boys and young men share tips on how to best serve male victims of sex trafficking.

A mental health practitioner helping a teen girl

How-To for Therapists on Spotting and Assisting Trafficking Victims
Learn about a webinar that helps mental health professionals understand and support clients who may have been trafficked.

A handshake showing a hand with the word hope on it, and arm with a poem written on it.

Q&A: A Sex Trafficking Intervention Uses Expressive Arts
Laura McLean, from San Diego Youth Services, explains how staff incorporate expressive arts into a trauma-informed sex-trafficking prevention and treatment program.

FVPSA Addresses the Intersection of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence
A report from the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program (FVPSA) at FYSB highlights the nexus between domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking.

A young person wearing a red hoodie.

PREP Program Helps Counter Sex Trafficking in Houston
Learn how a Personal Responsibility Education Program in Texas is helping to counter domestic youth trafficking.

Young people talking under a streetlight at night.

Perspectives on Serving Sex-Trafficked Youth
Researchers explore how stakeholders working in various capacities to address human trafficking define best practices for working with youth involved in domestic-minor sex trafficking and where these various stakeholders agree and disagree.

Young people and adults enjoying Alternatives for Girls' Role Model Dinner.

Peer to Peer Workshops Contribute to Ending Human Trafficking
In Detroit, a peer education program helps at-risk young women develop personal skills and teach these skills to other survivors.

Police officer interogating people at an emergency scene.

How Can Young People’s Experiences with Police Inform Sex Trafficking Prevention and Intervention?
A researcher investigates the experiences of youth who were victims of or at risk for domestic sex trafficking and their police interactions.

A youth worker comforts a young woman.

New Trainings in Georgia Address Child Sex Trafficking
A FYSB State PREP grantee educates foster care parents and youth workers on the risk factors and warning signs of child sex trafficking.


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