Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

Young people on the street.

National Runaway Prevention Month: Homeless Youth and Trafficking
Learn how overnight stays at drop-in centers help protect runaway and homeless youth from exploitation.

A young woman looks nervous.

What Are Youth Perspectives on Commercial Sexual Exploitation?
Fogel and her colleagues explored how homeless young adults ages 18 to 23 view commercial sexual exploitation among themselves and their peers.

A young person running away through a tunnel.

Q&A: Serving Homeless Youth Who Run Away from Foster Care
Learn how to partner with your local child welfare agency to provide services for runaway foster youth.

A discussion group.

Children’s Bureau Grant Helps Raise Trafficking Awareness Among Arizona Youth-Serving Professionals
The Arizona State University Office for Sex Trafficking Intervention Research is delivering information to child welfare workers, juvenile justice professionals, and more.

A young person working in cyberspace.

Federal Bureaus Co-host Webinar on Human Trafficking and Runaway and Homeless Youth
The partnership recognizes increased risk of trafficking among youth experiencing homelessness and those in foster care.

A woman holding a clipboard.

More Resources to Identify and Provide Assistance to Youth Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
We share two more tools to help you identify, understand, and serve victims and survivors.

Young women sitting together.

Can an Adapted Group Therapy Model Help Female Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation?
An intervention originally designed for female prisoners shows promise for treating survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking, a recent study finds.

A counselor comforts an adolescent girl.
Mardi Gras beads and mask.

In New Orleans, An Anti-Trafficking Task Force Introduces Best Practices and Partnerships
From engaging community members to creating a streamlined referral process for services, the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force is taking action.

A youth services worker.

Do Youth Workers Respond Differently to Sex Trafficking Based on Their County Type?
Researchers examine youth-serving professionals’ awareness of and experience working with victims of sex trafficking.


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