Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

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Ask NCFY: Domestic Human Trafficking of Youth Is a Big Problem That’s Hard to Pin Down
NCFY attempts to answer the question "How many youth are trafficked in the United States each year?" Throughout March, we'll be looking at the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of young people.

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FYSB Tribal Grantees Speak: Tilllie Black Bear, White Buffalo Calf Woman Society
We spoke with staff and youth at programs that have received Family and Youth Services Bureau grants. Some are Tribal organizations; others are non-tribal entities that serve many Native youth. Here’s what Tilllie Black Bear from White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in Mission, SD, said.

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Youth Speak Out: 'This Could Happen to Anybody'
A young woman talks about how she became a victim of sex trafficking at age 17, how she was able to exit "the life," and the people who aided her recovery.

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Bright Idea: Using Literature to Prevent Relationship Violence
Lessons about violence, power, hatred, love and respect are everywhere – from the classic Zora Neale Hurston novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (a staple of high-school English classrooms) to contemporary movies, music and television.


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